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Preventative Dentistry at Its Best

Titirangi Dental provides a dental care service that truly stresses the importance of the word ‘care’. We are dedicated to ensuring the oral health of our patients, which is why we offer more than just a check-up at our West Auckland dental clinic.

With our Comprehensive Care Experience, we act as a tooth consultant, performing multiple checks to look not only for cavities but also cancers, diseases, jaw functions and the general condition of your teeth. The end goal is to develop a personalised dental care plan just for you.

Excellent and Innovative Dental Care

We are acutely aware of the fact that every patient’s needs are different. In our relaxed and friendly environment, we are able to use the absolute latest technologies, equipment and techniques to provide you with the safest and most modern treatment plans.

Women looking behind before her dental consultancy
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How Does Comprehensive Care Work?

During your initial one-hour appointment, you and the dentist will discover the condition of your mouth, teeth and gums in order to formulate a tailored dental care plan of action.

Comprehensive Care is more than just preventative dentistry. We will thoroughly assess your whole mouth for oral cancer and gum disease, as well as analyse how your jaw functions. Our dentist and dental hygienist will also examine your teeth and advise you on your levels of caries (decay) risk.

Using any necessary aids or technology, we will diagnose your oral condition. This may include digital scans of your teeth and jaw bones, photos, study models of your teeth and maybe even a test of your saliva for levels of acid and bad bacteria if necessary.

Individualised Treatment Plan

All of the information we uncover will provide us with a better understanding of your concerns and dental care needs so that we can design an individualised treatment plan for your long-term oral health. Our mission is to begin a long-lasting relationship with you and your oral care.

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For more information about our dental services, please feel free to contact us by calling 09 817 6057 or make a booking online. We look forward to helping you achieve great oral health!