421 Titirangi Road, Titirangi, Auckland 0604.

Our History in brief


Titirangi Dental Centre was established in 1948 in a house at the corner of South Titirangi and Titirangi Roads by dentist Dr. Guy Chapman. That means that we’ve been around for over 65 years!!

More about Dr. Chapman:

In 1920s Auckland, dentist Guy Chapman noticed dental caries were rife among his patients, and he suspected the cause was poor nutrition.

He took a holistic view when looking for a solution, promoting whole foods, vitamins and fresh food produced in healthy soil, and continued his education work in this area for years.

And 70 years ago in Auckland, he co-founded the Humic Compost Club (later Society). It started in May 1941 with a demonstration of how to build a compost heap. Such demonstrations would attract 200-300 people and were occasionally held indoors, complete with manure.

In 1942, the first issue of Compost Club Magazine was printed. In later years, the magazine changed its name to Compost Journal, then Soil and Health. It later took the name it has today: Organics NZ.

By 1943, Dr Chapman was actively promoting composting and lecturing on nutrition among Maori. (He was later made an honorary Maori chief in appreciation of his work with Maori.)





Dr. Keith Plowman takes over Titirangi Dental Centre from Dr. Guy Chapman


The dental centre moved into its present position at 421 Titirangi Road in 1958.


Dr. Nigel Greer returns from England to take over Titirangi Dental Centre from retiring Dentist Keith Plowman.


Dr. Nigel Greer is voted ‘Best Dentist’ by Listeners of 92FM


Dr. Jason Ng returned from Europe and Asia and became a partner in Titirangi Dental Centre.


First of the renovations take place to accommodate the growth of Titirangi Dental Centre from two clinical areas to three clinical areas and a waiting room at street level.


More major renovations increase Titirangi Dental Centre to seven clinical areas, two sterilisation areas, a dedicated lab, more storage and a back room office


Dr. Jason Ng is Top New Zealand Invisalign® Provider and is awarded Platinum Status


Dr. Jason Ng is once again Top New Zealand Invisalign® Provider and is awarded Platinum Elite Status

Dr. Jason Ng is recognised in the Leading Physicians of the World.



The Leading Physicians of the World has elected Dr Ng to represent New Zealand as one of the most experienced and highly skilled dentists. In practice for 24 years, Dr. Ng continues to exhibit the same unwavering commitment to excellence and passion for patient care required to be mentioned among the best by the International Association of HealthCare Professionals.

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