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Dental Fillings in Auckland

Teeth Fillings for Dental Cares

Do your teeth hurt more than they used to? If you experience sensitivity during brushing or when you eat hot or cold foods, you may have tooth decay. Once tooth decay has developed, it’s important to diagnose and treat it quickly.

Dental fillings from our West Auckland team can protect your tooth cavity from further decay. Our dentists will remove the decay, prepare the damaged tooth, and seal it with a special resin for protection.

If you think you may have tooth decay, it’s important to seek a formal diagnosis from your dentist. Our Comprehensive Dental Care services can identify and treat the signs of tooth decay for you.

Teeth Fillings for Dental Caries
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How Do Fillings Protect against Tooth Decay?

If your tooth has already been damaged by decay, a tooth filling is an easy and safe treatment option. The process for a tooth filling has two basic steps:

  1. Remove decay from the tooth cavity – our professional dentists will remove the decay from your tooth while you’re under a general anaesthetic. We will then prepare the tooth for your new filling
  2. Filling the cavity – your filling is made from a range of specialised materials depending on your needs. The filling will be placed in the prepared tooth in order to seal it, protect it from further decay and give you all the benefits of a healthy tooth

Generally speaking, tooth fillings are very fast and efficient procedures, taking less than half an hour. After you’ve recovered from the general anaesthetic, you will be able to return to all your normal daily activities.

Inside Your New Filling – What Is It Made of?

Dental fillings will often be made of a composite, tooth-coloured material. Composite fillings ensure natural results for the patient.

There is a range of other materials available for tooth fillings. The best option for you will depend on the type of tooth being treated, the level of damage, as well as your overall budget. Our dentists will guide you through the entire process to ensure you make the best personal decision.

Long-Term Care for Teeth Fillings

Most fillings can be treated just like your natural teeth, and any special care instructions or products will be explained after the procedure.

In the long term, your fillings may last up to 10 years, depending on the type of material you opt for. Some less durable fillings will need replacing sooner.


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Find Out if Dental Fillings Are Right for You

If you are worried about tooth decay or you think you need fillings, we recommend booking an appointment as soon as possible. You can make a booking online or call us on 09 817 6057. For general enquiries, you can always leave us a message on our contact page.