Don’t Trust Teeth Whitening Kits You Order Online

Don’t Trust Teeth Whitening Kits You Order Online

Teeth whitening has become a global phenomenon and it’s common to see people promoting kits they’ve bought online in order to whiten their teeth at home. Unfortunately, there are many risks associated with using chemicals that haven’t been approved by your dentist. In this article, we’re exploring the risks of shopping online for teeth whitening kits and how you can achieve white teeth safely.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

To understand how teeth whitening works, we need to take a closer look at what causes stains on teeth. Each of your teeth consists of an inner dentin layer and a hard enamel layer on the outside which protects the teeth. Food, coffee, red wine and cigarette smoke create another layer on top of the enamel that changes the white colour of teeth.

You can clean this additional layer away with regular brushing or a professional clean where your dentist scrapes and chemically treats your teeth. The problem with these methods is that after years of letting the build-up sit on your teeth, it begins to work its way into the porous enamel. Deep stains are harmless but they are seen to detract from a person’s appearance.

Professional teeth whitening treatments use bleaching and chemicals to enter the tooth enamel and set off an oxidation reaction that breaks apart the compounds that make up the stain. This is a complex and risky procedure that should only be performed by a dentist or under dental supervision.

The Problems with Buying Whitening Kits Online

When you’re purchasing teeth whitening kits online and importing them from other countries, you may be putting yourself at risk because other countries’ have fewer regulations in place to protect your teeth. High levels of bleaching chemicals can damage your teeth when not applied properly.

Another problem is that whitening trays that don’t fit properly can be unsafe. Unless you have your trays moulded by a dentist, chemicals may leak out and cause blistering in the gums and general irritation to the mouth. Incorrect use of whitening kits can cause severe chemical burns, permanent scarring and difficulty eating.

It’s difficult to assess which chemicals are being used in these online kits because they don’t adequately state the ingredients to the public. In all, the risks don’t outweigh the rewards.

How to Safely Achieve Whiter Teeth

At Titirangi Dental, we offer two methods of safe and effective teeth whitening. If you organise a consultation with our professionals, we will make sure you are a good candidate for teeth whitening and that the process will be safe for your individual situation.

You can either have the process completed in our dental clinic or choose take-home teeth whitening kits that have been specially formulated and created for your mouth. Speak to Titirangi Dental to find the right solution for your needs. Visit your West Auckland dental clinic by calling 09 817 6057 or contacting us online.

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