Is Flossing Really Worth It?

Is Flossing Really Worth It?

Even if you brush your teeth after every meal, you’re still not cleaning your teeth of all the food particles that get stuck between them. Plaque and bacteria build up on the teeth between meals, and a toothbrush can only remove it from the visible tooth surface. Daily flossing is the only way to get between the teeth to remove the bacteria that causes tooth decay, inflammation of the gums, and gum disease.

The Advantages of Flossing

There have been recent reports that flossing is a waste of time and does nothing for dental hygiene, but that’s mostly because people just don’t do it properly. However, if done the right way, flossing removes all the plaque and food debris from between your teeth and also stimulates the circulation in your gums to keep them healthy and strong.

Different Types of Floss

When people think of dental floss, they imagine the standard waxed or unwaxed nylon strand that comes in a small plastic container with a built-in cutter. Waxed floss can be flavoured or unflavoured, and the wax helps it slide between the teeth easier and stops it from fraying and breaking. Unwaxed floss is a little easier to grip, but it’s more prone to fraying and breaking. You can also buy some dental tape, which is the same as floss but is thicker and wider and a better option for someone with widely spaced teeth.

Flossing can be time consuming, and people with joint problems who lack the dexterity to floss their back teeth can be tempted to not bother at all. Fortunately, an electric flosser uses a nylon strand to get between the teeth and vibrate, which is suitable for getting into tight places more easily. An electric water flosser shoots water between the teeth and at the gum line to easily remove food particles and plaque. These are great if you have braces or other dental work that’s hard to floss the traditional way – and they’re a lot more fun to use.

The Best Method of Flossing

The best method of flossing is the one you’re most likely to do regularly. No matter what type of floss you use ask your dentist or dental hygienist to show you how to floss the correct way the next time you visit. Most gum disease is preventable with regular dental check-ups and at-home dental care between appointments.

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