What to do in a Dental Emergency

What to do in a Dental Emergency

When a dental crisis happens to you or someone around you, it’s hard to know whether it’s an emergency that needs immediate care or something that can be taken care of at a later appointment at your dental clinic. With a dental trauma, the best thing you can do is stay calm and assess the situation. Different dental emergencies require different levels of care, and where you go for treatment depends on the type of injury and its severity.

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

Any situation where immediate attention by a dentist is required to save a tooth or teeth, excessive bleeding that won’t stop, severe infections, or excruciating pain can be called a dental emergency. Things like a cracked or chipped tooth can probably wait until the next day unless the nerve is exposed and you’re in a lot of pain. The same applies to a lost filling or dental crown, or a toothache that’s not too painful. Call your dentist and explain the situation and you can make an appointment for the next day.

Do I Need a Dentist or a Hospital?

If you’re dealing with a head injury or trauma where there’s a lot of blood and possible broken bones, then you should head straight to a hospital. If you or someone with you has a dental abscess that’s swollen, painful and interfering with normal breathing or swallowing, you should also go straight to a hospital. Any situation that is life-threatening should be treated at your nearest hospital first, and then a dentist can treat you once you’re stable.

A Knocked-Out Tooth

If you’ve suffered a blow to the head have knocked a tooth out, it can still be saved. If possible, call your dental clinic and let them know what’s happened and that you’ll be in to see them shortly. They’ll advise what to do with your tooth in the meantime. Otherwise, pick up your tooth without touching the root and rinse it under water. Carefully place it back into its socket and hold it there until you can get to the dentist. In many cases, with quick action, the tooth can be reinserted.

Dental Abscess or Infection

A dental abscess or severe infection in the jaw or gum can be potentially life-threatening, so take no chances. The infection can spread to other areas of the body, so call your dentist or go to an emergency dental clinic or hospital as soon as you can.

Dental Emergencies West Auckland Locals Can Trust

If you or someone near you suffers a dental accident, it’s important to stay calm and determine if you need to see a dentist or go to a hospital in the case of severe bleeding or infection, facial trauma and broken bones.

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