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All That Glitters Isn’t Gold: The Truth about Gold Fillings

The trend of gold fillings has come and gone over the years. From celebrities to the wealthy elderly, it can be common to see a flash of gold on a smiling senior or a Hollywood hotshot. However, gold fillings aren’t as glamorous as you think. We’ve put together this guide to everything you should know when contemplating a gold filling.

What Is a Gold Filling?

A dental filling, otherwise known as an inlay, is fitted for a tooth cavity and then cemented into place to restore the tooth and prevent any further decay. A filling can be made from porcelain, a type of resin, or gold. 

When Are Gold Fillings a Good Idea?

There are some benefits of gold fillings and it’s important to weigh up the pros and cons before choosing to use gold in your inlays.

  • Gold won’t break or fracture: Gold fillings can last just as long as other types of fillings and the composition of gold means it won’t break or fracture.
  • Gold doesn’t change shape: Gold won’t expand or shrink in different temperatures, meaning it won’t lose its strength or fall out easily.
  • Gold fillings won’t discolour the tooth around it: Gold doesn’t rust or change colour and won’t cause a discolouration of other teeth around the filling.

What Are the Cons of Gold Fillings?

There are some disadvantages of gold fillings to consider, such as:

  • Gold fillings are expensive: Not only is gold expensive, it can be 10 times more expensive than other fillings that are just as effective.
  • It can look unappealing: Many people would prefer their fillings to be matched to the colour of the tooth, rather than having the look of gold in their mouths, particularly if they require more than one filling.
  • It takes longer: Gold fillings take longer in the dentist chair and may require more than one visit whereas other fillings may only take up to 30 minutes to complete.
  • There’s a chance of galvanic shock: While rare, if a gold filling is placed near another metal it can actually cause an electric current to occur due to the two metals and saliva being present in your mouth. This can cause intense pain.

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