5 Ways Titirangi Dental Will Make Your Family Dental Visit a Great Experience

Titirangi Dental Makes Family Dental Visit a great Experience

A great family dentist is just as important as your family GP. You should feel like you and your children are in good hands when you visit the dentist, otherwise, you\’ll be less likely to go back for regular check-ups. This isn\’t just a bad example for your kids; it\’s an easy way to fast-track tooth decay.

At Titirangi Dental, we know teeth and we know families. We can offer the highest quality dental standards West Auckland has to offer. Here are five things that make Titirangi Dental the perfect choice for your long-term family dentist.

  1. Friendly Staff

At  Titirangi Dental, we understand the importance of friendly, helpful staff. Questions about your treatment are welcome at any time and we can give you smiles that are created not only by our expertise but also by our caring, friendly nature. We strive to create a comfortable atmosphere for all your dental needs and for patients of all ages.

  1. Modern, Safe Equipment

We only use the latest technologies to design a dental plan that is safe for you. There have been plenty of recent technological advancements in dental care. You want to be assured that the equipment being used during your procedure is the most modern and safest equipment available.

With our friendly experts, this is a guarantee.

  1. Experts in What We Do

Modern equipment is important, but it’s equally important to have a dental team with the expertise to use the equipment effectively. We use the latest technology to reverse early decay and preserve, replace and straighten your teeth.

Continuing education is really important to us at Titirangi Dental Centre. Our team attends courses and seminars on the latest in dental care both locally and internationally on a regular basis.

  1. Good with Children

Titirangi Dental Centre prides itself on being a family practice that is warm and welcoming for adults and children alike. Our dental team is professionally trained to work with children and we understand that going to the dentist is a nervous experience for some. Our dentists use relaxed, calming methods that make a trip to the dentist a comfortable and even fun experience for kids!

  1. All Treatments Are Performed to a High Standard

Our dentists have high expectations of their own work and perform all their treatments to the highest of standards. You can feel completely safe in their hands, knowing that the end result will be exceptional and exceed your expectations. From teeth whitening to general check-ups and braces, you can trust our team.

Embrace the Importance of Family Dental Check-Ups

There are plenty of things that you can do as a family, but few are more important than dental visits. Visiting the dentist establishes great habits in young children and can lead to a lifetime of great oral health.

Start your family’s dental journey today at  Titirangi Dental. We deliver excellent options for your oral care and we do so in a way that puts your mind at ease. With an educated, attentive and sensitive team here to help you, we will achieve the best possible care for your teeth. For all your dentistry needs, contact Titirangi Dental in West Auckland and make your appointment today.

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