Dental Problems That Affect Your Smile and How to Fix Them

Dental Problems That Affect Your Smile and How to Fix Them

A great smile is a real boost to your confidence, but having dental problems such as chipped, broken, discoloured, missing or crooked teeth can greatly affect your life. Cosmetic dentistry can provide cost effective solutions to help your teeth look better and improve your overall dental health. It’s often much easier than you realise with stunning results you’ll love.

Chipped or Broken Teeth

Chipped or broken teeth can be a result of accident or trauma, or from grinding your teeth over a long period of time. If your teeth are chipped or broken, there’s a good chance you’re self-conscious about smiling. Porcelain veneers are an excellent and quick way to cover problem teeth.

Very thin pieces of porcelain are matched to the colour of your existing teeth then placed over the chipped area. The veneers are handmade in a dental laboratory to perfectly fit your teeth, and they are permanently bonded to your natural teeth for a long-lasting smile.

If necessary, we can place temporary veneers on your teeth while your custom veneers are being made.

Stained and Discoloured Teeth

Professional teeth whitening can lighten your stained and discoloured teeth by up to eight shades and it takes around one hour to complete the procedure. Zoom! Teeth Whitening  is one of the best and most requested teeth whitening treatments, and it comes in different strengths as well as an at-home kit for maintenance or if you’d rather take longer and do it yourself.

For very badly stained teeth, porcelain veneers are also a great option to cover the tooth surface.

Missing and Crooked Teeth

Missing teeth or gaps between the teeth can be fixed with dental implants or bridges and dental crowns.

A dental implant can permanently replace a missing tooth by inserting a titanium implant into the root of the missing tooth and giving it time to fuse with the bone. A ceramic crown is then placed on top for a natural tooth that blends perfectly with the rest of your teeth.

A tooth-supported dental bridge will fill the gap where a tooth is missing and is attached to the teeth either side for stability and function.

A removable partial denture is a cheaper option for missing teeth but isn’t as stable as an implant or dental bridge.

There are a range of braces you can choose if you want to permanently straighten your teeth instead of covering them. Braces are suitable if your teeth are in good condition but need straightening because the end result is permanent and requires no more maintenance than normal.

Invisalign is practically invisible and is suitable for people of all ages without the wires, bands and metal of traditional braces.

Dental Care West Auckland Locals Can Rely On

There’s no need to be self-conscious about your teeth anymore with professional dental services. West Auckland residents can take advantage of the great range of affordable cosmetic dental procedures that are available at Titirangi Dental.

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