What\’s New in Dental Technology?

What’s New in Dental Technology?

Dental technology is continuously moving forward, and it seems like new equipment and methods are being developed every day. The days of nervously sitting in a dentist chair are long past, and today’s dental clinics provide a personalised and comfortable experience with an amazing range of modern dental technology at their fingertips. 

Here are some the new technologies you can expect to see during future visits to the dentist. 

Digital X-Rays

The risk of exposure to radiation from X-rays is now greatly reduced with the almost instant results of digital X-rays. Images are taken and uploaded to the computer for fast, accurate assessment. Nothing gets missed with the ability to zoom in on the area of concern for precise diagnosis and treatment. 


Computer-aided design, or CAM, and computer-aided manufacture, CAD, is now available for virtual restorations and tooth replacements. An image is taken of the missing teeth and any adjacent teeth, and the computer software creates a virtual tooth, or missing portion of it, to perfectly match the rest of your teeth. The data is then used to make the restoration so it is undetectable, and no one but you will ever know the difference. 

Intra-Oral Camera

The new intra-oral camera is used to access and create images of hard-to-reach places in your mouth. Now every area of your teeth and gums can be illuminated and checked for problems, with instant imaging available to show you any issues we find. 

The Dental Wand

Many patients are fearful of their dentist because they associate them with pain. The dental wand is a pain-free anaesthetic injection that allows your dentist to control the flow of anaesthesia for the most comfortable experience. 

Custom Smile Design 

Combining digital photography with video, we can custom-design your new smile so you can see what you’ll look like before we start any treatment. This gives us the ability to tweak any areas you may not like and provide a beautiful, natural-looking smile. 

Whitening Treatments

With the latest in teeth whitening treatmentsthere’s no longer any need to be embarrassed about stained and discoloured teeth. Our fast and safe cleaning and whitening treatments will restore your teeth and your confidence. 

Dental Implants

If you have just a few missing teeth or one or two that are beyond restoration, then new dental implant technology could be just what you need. Dental implants are permanent natural-looking teeth with full function, and new developments have made them easier and more affordable than ever.  

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